The CV scam explained

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The CV Scam explained

If you’re a translator with a website, it’s very likely that you will get people sending you their CVs before long. Let me tell you about the CV scam, how it works and how to protect yourself from it.

World Business Register – Is it a scam?

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We talked about scams and how to spot them before, but there are other scams out there apart from check fraud. After working in-house as an English to German translator for almost 10 years, I started my life as a freelance translator in 2018, so my website has had some time to show up on Google and alert potential clients as well as potential scammers to my existence. Next to the people who want to pay for my translation services, there are those who want … Read More

Efficiency Tips for Translators: AutoHotkey (for Windows)

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Console showing (partially fake) AutoHotkey code.

AutoHotkey is one of those incredibly useful and versatile tools I use daily that hardly anyone I have worked with in the translation industry over the years had ever heard of. It’s a little powerful program that works with scripts and (mostly) does what you ask it to do. It’s a willing little helper. You certainly don’t have to be a translator to find it helpful and in this article I will show you that you don’t need to be a programmer either. What can … Read More